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NutVal 5: What do want it to do?

10 November 2017
NutVal 4.1 has been around for a while now and it is encouraging to see from download figures that it is still being used by a large and increasing number of users, from many different countries and organisations. It has been downloaded over 2,700 times since its release at the end of 2015.

But, time moves on and humanitarian practice continues to evolve. So, it could be time for an update. And this raises the question, what do people want from the next version?  

With the upsurge in the use of cash-based interventions instead of direct food aid, one obvious enhancement would be add functions to allow users to enter and save monetary values for foods and compare the price/cost of different food baskets.

Another comment might be that it about time that NutVal became an app for smart phone use! Great idea, but sadly our in-house expertise in that area right now is rather thin on the ground. Over the years, we have got quite good at Excel VBA but lack programming expertise in other languages. The reason we have been able to keep NutVal up and running, and respond more or less to user requests, is because we can do it ourselves without having to pay tech experts. However, any suggestions welcome!

What other functions might be useful? Please have a go at the poll on the right and/or email your ideas to support@nutval.net



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