Welcome to the on-line home of NutVal, the spreadsheet application for planning and monitoring the nutritional content of food assistance.

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NutVal in 2022?

04 February 2022

NutVal development has been on ice for around two years - pandemics and such like rather got in the way. So it was slightly surprising, but great, to see from the web site download stats that NutVal is still as popular as ever amongst the humanitarian food assistance community. So, that's a motivation to try and get things moving again. Thanks!  

Issue with Downloads Fixed

05 March 2019

There has been a problem with downloads over the last few days which has now been resolved. You may notice that the download sever location has been moved to Dropbox. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this temporary interruption in service.

NutVal 5: The Poll Results Are In

06 June 2018 

Thanks to everyone who voted in the recent on-line poll or provided feedback in other ways. In total, 118 votes were cast on-line. The results from the poll indicated that most votes were in favour of adding more foods to the database (33%), making NutVal more friendly for planning cash based interventions was the second priority (31%), with slightly less people voting to make the application usable on smart phones (26%). Eight % of votes were cast for other modifications. 

Based on these results we will now be starting work on producing NutVal 5. We are also looking forward to the opportunity to get additional feedback from users/potential users at the Tufts University Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR) meeting in Washington DC, at the end of this month.