Welcome to the on-line home of NutVal, the spreadsheet application for planning and monitoring the nutritional content of food assistance.

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Please let us know your thoughts on how we can improve future versions of the NutVal software. We would like to hear from you on how you use the software now, what additional features might be useful, and anything else you would like to share on this topic.

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Anonymous said...

Nice idea to create a download and comment site for NutVal.

RN said...

the "Ration Name or Reference" box and the "Date" box are not editable.
In the 2004 version they were.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rupe, we will look in to that.

Anonymous said...

We have looked into the issue of editing the Ration name and Date boxes mentioned by Rupe above. Until now we are unable to replicate the problem using the current version of NutVal 2006. Perhaps Rupe could let us know the version they were working with and if the problem was still seen with v1.42?

If any one else is experiencing this or any other problems please do leave a comment or email us. With thanks, NutVal Support.

Anonymous said...

Hi i would like to find out whether its possible to edit the database and place other foods and nutval will work fine

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your enquiry.

One of the design concepts with NutVal is that it has a closed set of food items in its database. This is to try and ensure that all users use the same nutrient content data for their ration calculations, thereby minimising the potential for confusion over results and inter agency friction.

The database is built using a compilation of food composition data sources, as detailed in the associated help page.

For users who wish to add items to the calculation sheet that are not in the database two lines are provided at the bottom of the calculation sheet for manual entry of items and nutrient amounts.

Anonymous said...

very goog application!

For use in Latin America I recommend you strongly a Spanish version. (And for Haiti and Africa, a French version would be also useful).

The Excel sheet is so perfect, that I can´t find a way to edit the cells.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comment Friedrich.

Translations are something we would be very keen to do and, resources permitting, French and Spanish are definitely on the list. Unfortunately, we can't promise when this may happen.

The non-editable cells are one way to try and keep the application intact and make sure everyone gets the same answers... However, if there are any particular problems you come across then please do let us know.

Anonymous said...


It's a really great tool! Any chance you could work on adding the Magnesium content in the food products from the database - I think that Mg is pretty important in nutrition (for quite a few reasons - but mostly for physical activity and concentration).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments and apologies for the delay in responding

We are currently discussing which nutrients should be included in the next version of NutVal and will put Mg on the list for consideration. There are a fair few in contention though...

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Anonymous said...

it would be very useful to have more rows available. As it is, our food basket has more items than the number of rows

support@nutval.net said...

Thanks for your suggestion about the number of rows in the calculator. You will be pleased to hear that version 4 (currently being beta tested) will allow you to add and remove up to 40 rows. We hope these will be enough for most ration calculation exercises.

Anonymous said...

It would be good if nutval could accept non-integer values for the ration amount in grams. For example, in our programme 60 sachets of MNP are distributed per 90 days so the ration is 0.66g per day but the programme can only accept the rounded whole number value of 1g.

support@nutval.net said...

Thanks very much for your suggestion re non-integer values. we appreciate the issue and consider introducing this in the next update, which will be out in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Are versions of this available in other languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic? Or do you know of other similar calculators that are available in those languages?

support@nutval.net said...

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, NutVal is only available in English at the moment. We would really like to release versions in other languages but currently don't have the resources to do this.

I am not sure about the availability of other calculators in different languages. Perhaps another commenter could provide information?

NutVal Fan said...

How much would it cost to fund a Spanish translation?

support@nutval.net said...

It would be great to do a Spanish translation.
Perhaps we could discuss more by email. Please write to support@nutval.net Thank you for your interest!

Entusiasta en reconstrucción said...

Hello, greetings from Ukraine WFP country office!
we would like to suggest some items to be included that are common in the Ukrainian diet and WFP monitors them:
Curd (dairy product)
Sour Cream
Pork fat
boiled sausages first grade
Rye bread



Anonymous said...

I do not find QBmix (I looked at LNS).
It would be great to add it.
Many thanks

Unknown said...

Spreadsheet application It is the planning and monitoring of nutritional content of food aid. I'm currently studying. genting club

Anonymous said...

Hi there. We use Nutval a lot for WFP general food rations.A few suggestions:
-I need to have a calculator on the side to calculate grams per day from the monthly family ration. It would be useful if we could add number of feeding days per month and family size and monthly quantity of the food, and then the program claculates grams/person/day automatically.
- searching for a commodity in the dropdown list would be easier if we can type the name and the program finds it, even if the name doesn't start exactly that way in the list. e.g. typing "flour" can bring up wheat flour, corn flour etc. Currently we can only search by the starting word in the name.
- LNS Achamum and Maamta is missing in list.
- Age group 6-23 months needed as it is important for the 1000 days targeting window.
Many thanks!!

support@nutval.net said...

Thanks for the suggestion of including QBmix, we will try and include this in the next version.

Also noted the foods requested by WFP Ukrainian Office - sorry for much delayed response

support@nutval.net said...

Thanks for suggestions from WFP (May 2).

- On first point I am not entirely clear on what you want the calculator to do/could it be done already using current functions? Could you email me and we can discuss?

-Drop down text and typing - will look into that

- Can add LNS Achamum and Maamta. Could you email me the spec sheets?

- the 6-23 month age group is already included. You can find it from the 'Beneficiary requirements' drop dwon on the calculator sheet.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Sarah Mc Shan said...

I was searching related to boxes and now come to know more about mailer boxes thanks for information.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the details for the requirements calculation for children 6-59 months.I used nutval to calculation ration for children 6-59 months in different emergency scenarios. On the other hand, we also have national food based dietary guide which doesn’t show a population sub-group like nutval. Now different partners including government wants to know the difference between nutval requirement and national dietary guideline . It would helpful for me if you share the calculation sheet or full procedure of the sub-group requirement calculation.

Anonymous said...

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