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Plans for NutVal 2010

9th March 2010
We are currently planning the next upgrade of NutVal. In NutVal 2010 we hope to introduce a range of improvements including more user-friendly population sub-groups for planning purposes, an enhanced range of commodities and food products, and functions to store and analyse historical ration data. Your feedback and ideas are much appreciated. Please let us know your thoughts on any additional features below.

Assuming funding can be secured, we are planning to produce the Beta version of 2010 later in the year and will be inviting users to take part in testing prior to a full release. Please check back for the latest news.


Hatty Barthorp (GOAL) said...

Any news on when the updated version (after 2006 2.2) will be released? Eagerly waiting the more comprehensive 'Food & Nut database' with enhanced range of commodities and food products!

We find this is a fanstatic tool for field staff to use when helping to design (amongst other things) high-energy, micro-nut' rich recipees, promoted through behaviour change initiatives.

support@nutval.net said...

Thanks for your comment Hatty. Work is currently under way on adding a range of special nutritional products and other items. We hope to let you know about the release in the next few weeks. Sorry for the delay.