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An Update on the Release of NutVal Version 4

As announced earlier this year, we were planning to release NutVal Version 4 this autumn. But, winter is upon us (in the northern hemisphere) and we are still, I am afraid, beta testing and sorting out a number of issues that have arisen during its development. 

We had a lot of very useful comments and suggestions for inclusion in the new version but some of these have led to some technical challenges which have taken rather longer to overcome than anticipated.  In addition, we are also working through how to deal with matching up the new requirement figures, based on FAO/WHO (2004) with the available guidance on tolerable upper limits - a rather more complicated issue than it may sound.

So, apologies for the delay and we are working hard on getting version 4 out to you as soon as we can in 2014.  Lastly, to those who celebrate Christmas, season's greetings!

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