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NutVal 4.0 Released!

NutVal 4.0 is now available for download from the downloads page.

The release of the new version has been a long time coming (!) but we hope you will find the new functions and extended databases useful in your food assistance work.

A big thank you to all the people who contributed to the development of this version by providing suggestions for improvements and/or beta testing earlier test versions. If you could please delete any test versions you may still have to avoid them escaping into the wild that would be great! Thanks.

NutVal 4.0 features:
  • New micronutrient requirements taken from FAO/WHO (2004), have replaced the  WHO (2000) Safe Levels of Intake used in version 3.
  • Nine additional nutrients have been included in the NutVal database for use in the analysis of nutrient adequacy. 
  • Age group categories have been revised to make them more comprehensive, user-friendly, and consistent with age groups that are used in programme design. Energy requirements for the new age categories have been calculated using values from FAO/WHO/UNU (2004). 
  • Additional food items that have been requested by users have been included. 
  • Data handling and the tracking database have been improved to allow the saving and recall of complete ration data. 
  • New graphs for comparing different rations have been added. 
  • On-line training presentations are being developed and will uploaded to nutval.net soon.
Please continue to provide feedback and report any bugs so we can continue to improve NutVal for nutrition programming. Thanks!

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Great news! Hope it is worth waiting.